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Sonorous Circle

Ignite Circles Within

by The Convoy

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light patterns speak in gesture our voices beacon adventure deep passages open and enter here guard no longer fear turn and face the father from the womb of singing infinite mother son herald stillborn matter death reveals new centres calmly reclaim sceptres where forces sway in motion ignite circles within dance of balanced power
Alone, I wake up running I feel a warm breathing together I see the dark myst forming where ancient past lives wonder I sit and listen to shadows of life and silent echos flow forests come forward to find me I see I find I feel connected Our shared lines now open flooding expanding mind believes body knows cells pattern vast embodied centre glyphs sound mirrors below eclipsed tethers reach back as if moon passing sun cycle and rise to meet below as if moon passing sun spirals present past to ancient future mind patience where wave surges roots unite and breathe together clear and unshadow homes ignite and reach for water release and breathe together give invisible gifts blind to power Indivisible Light sacred flames clear and unshadow homes incinerate islands Indivisible Light sacred flames reveal our roots unite, breath together roots water seed and tether roots truth flow through beyond our time sacred flames unite fire and water become
Cleansed Newborn Cleansed Newborn Star Star lead truthful Star lead truthful country Country rain Dead Rain truthful country Reign Dead Voices Truthful Country Rain Dead Voices voices grown dancing dancing named and flowing flowing left behind left behind to purify left behind to purify and uncover quiet hollow
Awanui 07:37
Obolos 03:15
Surging wands, gather to sharpen signal remember our art of harmony through conflict realise, mirrors real eyes questions raised that need no answer a mind drifting grants us higher vision to see and know we hurtle towards the threshold what use has withered obolos when all it offers is mirage and dispossesion no longer afforded the privilige to live the grasping selfish claw hanging from the precipice Unite and pry fingers from the edge, let it plummet Don’t look down, above our future greets us the downwards looking soul, the anima Our spirit unites our transcendent nature Touch one touch all
Ratanui 03:52
Occlysm 06:27
mother I am sorry mother, I forgot and in my forgetting I hurt you, poisoned you I turned away while they raped you mother I am Sorry. mother, I forgot abandoned you I ignored the abuse, I perpetrated the abuse the story that you had to be tamed I absorbed and I listened the story that you had to be controlled mother I am sorry I stand I stand here now and I remember Though I cast my head in shame I lift my gaze and rise arise for our mother calls neglect no more reclaim that which we lost reclaim that which we turned away from freely engaged in our forgetting I remember I know now, I am the stream I am the bird, the grass and vine, I am the branch the mycillium I am the rot and newborn fern dust stars and rivers I am part of you I belong to you I am you rise arise our mother calls protect, defend from plunder rise, arise. our mother calls stand together face and enter the womb of the universe
cleansed newborn star ready dream child spirit please carry the (whirlwind/whorlwind/worldwind) two things in one as I name unknown messengers shake, move, stay in the same place to see and know before uninhabited rivers ready dream child spirit please carry the whirlwind


released 20 / 8 / 4

M Faisandier - Voice, Guitar, Engineer
Erin K Taylor - Voice, Drums, Percussion, 1/4" Tape.

Recorded (mostly) in North Coburg, Naarm / Melbourne, Australia at Magnet Studios - sovereign land never ceded .

'Awanui" guitar track recorded in Pohangina Valley, Manawatu, Aotearoa NZ

With thanks for and to friends and collaborators:

Ben Andrews ( Preception ) / Thomas Lambert (Ears) / Chau Nguyen (Ears) / Helen Faisandier (Art) / Sonorous Circle /


released August 4, 2020

Matt Faisandier - Voice, Guitar, Engineer
Erin K Taylor - Voice, Drums, Percussion, 1/4" Tape.
Engineered by M Faisandier at Magnet Studios, Naarm, Australia - sovereign land never ceded.


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The Convoy Melbourne, Australia

Lovers of Infinity

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